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Price list SAMDIP-7S

Starter kit SAMDIP-7S

SAMDIP-7S256 (AT91SAM7S256 processor, 64 KB SRAM, 256 KB Flash, serial number, RTC), SAMDIP Evaluationboard, USB-Cable, documentation, schematics, CD

Starter kit SAMDIP-7S

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236.81 EUR
(incl. VAT)


199.00 EUR (exc. VAT)

  • Easy hardware development
  • Large pin grid for own circuits
  • Socket for all variants of SAMDIP-7S
  • Space for a customized DSUB 26 port
  • Circuits needed for USB 2.0 on board
  • Convertors for RS232C levels
  • Voltage regulation
  • Input voltage 9-35V unregulated, max. 10% scattering
  • Three coloured LEDs
  • Wwo buttons on board
  • One USB cable

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