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The PiCam module is the mechanical answer, to connect a 15-pin camera and the Raspberry compute module 4. With our PCB you find the ideal way to connect it in a compact mechnical manner.


The PiCam module

PiCam module

Ledato has two attractive offers:

1. PiCam Modul

2. PiCam Modul incl. Raspberry Pi compute modul 4

Quick Start

The module is easy to use:

It has two USB ports - one for the 5V operating voltage and a second USB port for direct loading of the compute module 4, without additional hardware.

The easiest way to start your first connection is via Wifi.


PiCam Modul incl. Raspberry Pi compute module 4.



The ledato PiCam is a connector between you camera module and the

Raspberry Compute Module 4.

This video shows some ideas, tipps and tricks to make your project better. 



This slideshow gives you a first look onto the PiCam module.

Additional are some projects are shown.

Take a look on the solution with the Raspberry V2.1 camera,

the Nightvision and the Raspberry HiRes camera.



Take the delivered sticker and put it on your own 3D-printed housing.

The Interfaces will never be miscabled anymore.



First look and nice project with tensor flow


 How to switch off tensor flow modell on the ledato PiCcam






Ledato sells industrial hardware systems such as mini-PCs, single-board computers (SBCs) and microcontroller boards. Our products are used, in measurement and control technology and can be used here, for example, as data loggers or protocol converters.



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