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Overview - ARM7 board

SAMDIP-7S is a small microprocessor ARM7 board designed to be as simple as possible to use. It contains a low-power, high-performance ARM7TDMI processor core with a large variety of peripherals and needs as less as possible of external components.

For individual purpose SAMDIP-7S is available in three versions. The Starter kit SAMDIP-7S evaluation board is the perfect interface for development and hardware designs including the SAMDIP-7S.

SAMDIP-7S: ARM7 board with AT91SAM7S256 CPU core
SAMDIP-7S: ARM7 board with
AT91SAM7S256 CPU core


To access all the IO pins the processor offers in a simple way SAMDIP-7S is designed as standard 40 pin DIP package to be easily integrated in every circuit. It's great range of peripheral interfaces makes it suitable for any application by providing USB 2.0 at 12 Mbit per second, TWI, SPI and very flexible USART that support RS485, IrDA, ISO7816 as well as Manchester Encoding.

A fast on-board DMA controller cares about data transfers from or to these devices conserving processor capacities. Eight ADC channels and a PWM unit allow interaction with additional hardware. The ARM7 board is either available with 16 KB SRAM and 64 KB Flash or with 64 KB SRAM and 256 KB Flash. There are also a JTAG interface and a real time clock with serial EEPROM. Depending on their memory requirements, programs can either be executed in Flash or -- for better performance -- in SRAM. Atmels integrated SAM-BootAssistant (SAM-BA) alleviates programming of SAMDIPs Flash memory (find more information in our manual). Programs can be written in C using WINARM for example.

For testing and development but also for products the Starter kit SAMDIP-7S evaluation board is perfectly suited. It contains the needed circuits for USB, RS232C and power supply and offers room for own circuits and a self defined 26 pin DSUB port. The USART are available at two male DSUB connectors whose pin assignments are configurable by jumpers. The 40 pin socket allows the easy replacement of SAMDIPs so this board can also be used as programming board. Two switches and three coloured LEDs are disposable for testing.



SAMDIP-7S ARM7 board
SAMDIP-7S so small as a matchstick
SAMDIP-7S256: ARM7 board with Debug interface
SAMDIP-7S256: ARM7 board with Debug interface
SAMDIP-7S256: ARM7 board with AT91SAM7S256 CPU
SAMDIP-7S256: ARM7 board with AT91SAM7S256 CPU
Evaluationboard with SAMDIP-7S
Evaluationboard with attached SAMDIP-7S
SAMDIP Evaluationboard
SAMDIP Evaluationboard
Starter kit SAMDIP-7S
Starter kit SAMDIP-7S



SAMDIP-7S board

Free programmable ARM7TDMI processor core

  • Atmel® AT91SAM7S256 or AT91SAM7S64 CPU core
  • 32-bit ARM RISC at 48 MHz with PLL
  • Bbootloader integrated
  • Programmable internal clock rate
  • 11 channel DMA controller
  • Memory controller (MC)
  • Power managment controller (PMC)
  • 32 bit pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Maskable interrupt controller with two external interrupts
  • Temparture range: -40 to +85 C°


  • 64/256 Kbytes single cycle access Flash
  • 16/64 Kbytes single cycle access SRAM


  • 32 programmable I/O ports
  • 3 USART (supporting RS485, IrDA, Manchester Encoding)
  • 1 TWI (Two-Wire-Interface, I²C compatible)
  • 1 USB 2.0 device (12 Mbits per second)
  • 8 ADC channels
  • 1 SPI
  • Fast DMA transfers


  • 1-Wire-Timechip with interrupt and 32.768 kHz clock
  • 1 MBit I²C-EEPROM
  • JTAG interface


  • ROHS compliant

Dimensions (ARM7 board)

  • 50.8 x 17.6 mm


Starter kit SAMDIP-7S
  • Easy hardware development
  • Large pin grid for own circuits
  • Socket for all variants of SAMDIP-7S
  • Space for a customized DSUB 26 port
  • Circuits needed for USB 2.0 on board
  • Convertors for RS232C levels
  • Voltage regulation
  • Input voltage 9-35V unregulated, max. 10% scattering
  • 3 coloured LEDs
  • 2 buttons
  • USB cable

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